The ecm platform
more COMPLETE for the management of

digital content

Coopera® is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform designed to store, organize and manage enterprise information content and support collaborative work. Four integrated application suites designed to manage the entire lifecycle of communications, documents and digital files

One platform for all your digital content

Information Management

Simplify information lifecycle management and define control rules during acquisition.

Process Management

Define and manage business processes in a fully automated way thanks to the powerful centralized BPM engine.

Document Management

Manage the entire life cycle of digital documents and files through an integrated collaboration environment.

Unified Communication

Manage your business communications in a unified way: email, PEC, Fax, Web services and traditional mail.

Project Management

Access folders, documents, discussions, data, tasks, and processes from a single point available to the team.

Standard Storage

Collaborate directly in the context of any activity with a designated space for real-time communication.

What can you do with Coopera...

Configure application integration processes capable of making all company systems communicate thanks to the BPM application suite

Work intelligently and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere, increase efficiency and optimize business organizational costs

Design automated processes capable of automating repetitive human activities such as audits, email alerts, PECs or planned business activities

A virtual assistant supports you while you work

Cooper interprets your voice commands.

Activate your virtual assistant and let him/her synchronize the documents of interest or the projects followed, carry out the planned activities and warn you about those pending. Ask him or her to summarize the content of a document or to list the processes awaiting approval.

Let yourself be guided towards digitization...

Our engineers create customised document solutions for specific industry needs based on the management and distribution of digital content.

Our experienced consultants analyze how organizations work and design totally digital processes that optimize business performance.

Our team specialized in dematerialization is able to transform any archive of documents or files into digital content stored in Cooperative


Cooperative in numbers

1 milan/instance
managed active users
1 millions
archived documents
1 milan/day
digital processes performed

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"I've been working with Extraordinarz for nearly 3 years, I'm very happy with our collaboration. The team is remarkably professional."

Mary Green

"Extraordinarz have proven to be very creative and proactive. They are able to deliver in extremely short periods of time. Always ready to receive."

John Stevens

"Extraordinarz provides an excellent design service and have worked on projects for me at Thomson Financial and Data Collectors."

Ed Thomson

"Extraordinarz provides an excellent design service and have worked on projects for me at Thomson Financial and Data Collectors."

Max Thomson

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